Vol(l)ume 14

Written by: EW on 15/01/2011 22:10:21

Still the forgotten act of the 80’s German thrash scene Tankard have never come close to obtaining the legacy of fellow countrymen Destruction, Sodom and Kreator but this has not stopped the band from continuing through the lean 90's when all else split and thus they are now back with incredibly a 14th studio album since an '82 formation. Not unlike my fine colleague's review of the new Motörhead album, a Tankard release even this far into their career is still a ball of easy, energetic thrash from the if-it-ain't-broke school of thought that most incredibly is not only a great listen but better than anything as yet released by any of the recent retro thrash bands.

After finding 2008's "Thirst" a similarly effective dose of good-humoured thrash there is little else to add on this report from my views of two years ago. Tankard's lyrics are a defining aspect - long removed from the total beer obsession of yonder years all topics from obesity ("Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)"), the recent US oil disaster ("Black Plague (BP)") and financial meltdown ("The Agency") are covered with tongue firmly stuck in cheek, yet raising points that few metal bands ever touch on. On the musical side of things it's the same fast and simple tempo that has been Tankard's for seemingly ever with the band content to not push on their own musical abilities for the fear of significant deviation from the tried-n-tested.

"Vol(l)ume 14", and Tankard in general, are like having a group of mates come over for a night of metal listening and beer drinking - reassuringly good fun and damn hard to get bored of. Just don't come out of it expecting to have learnt anything that will change the world.


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Release date: 17.12.2010
AFM Records

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