Bloody Pit Of Horror

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Another year, another GWAR album to suffer through, although in recent years the monster rockers with their retarded costumes have moved more and more towards the listenable territory, culminating in what I think is one of their better releases in recent memory, "Bloody Pit Of Horror". By that I mean a distinct move towards a standard thrash metal sound instead of the monster rock style that, lets face it, was not much different from Lordi's bastardization of metal. It is their twelfth studio album overall, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the band that this one, too, is based on an extremely nerdy and ridiculous sci-fi concept as all their previous records.

Let me elaborate using Wikipedia:

the first four tracks of the album are considered chapters of the "Bloody Pit of Horror," a story in which the band returns to Earth to raise an undead army known as the Nekro Swarm. At least on tour, Sawborg Destructo returns as a villain sporting a new mechanized body

Catch my drift? If you're into star trek and thrash metal, listening to the first four tracks of this record is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A fantastic, enthralling experience, though as opposed to becoming rich due to discovered gold, it'll ensure you'll never, ever get laid by a female (human) being. I guess I might be slightly harsh on GWAR, because in all honesty the four song quadrilogy is among the best material I've yet heard from the band. Packed with slick thrash riffs, relatively catchy choruses, and a good driving tempo throughout. That being said it's still a GWAR release, so how good can it really be, right?

Download: Beat You To Death, The Bloody Pit Of Horror (all four tracks)
For the fans of: X-Cops, Green Jelly
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Release date 09.11.2010
AFM Records

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