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Have you ever wondered how Fall Out Boy would've sounded in 2010 if they wouldn't have sold out and had continued on the "From Underneath The Cork Tree" path? Well, Fireworks and their new EP "Bonfires" is your answer, their first release since "All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion" in early 2009 and a teaser of what's to come on their sophomore album. And boy, are we excited. Singer David Mackinder sounds like a dead ringer to older Patrick Stump on "I Grew Up In A Legion Hall", in fact the entire song flows like a classic Fall Out Boy song from their awesome era (read: pre-"Infinity On High").

Excited yet? Then you've got a song like "Like Ships In The Night" - the highlight of the record by the way - which picks up the tempo and hurls New Found Glory from "Sticks And Stones"-era at you in full speed. The chorus is mad-catchy, infectious, and all sorts of words like that. The guitar work is more than just power chords, spilling into mini-solos and melodic tapping when necessary. The band's collective eye has certainly been in the details, and that shows through the four tracks available on this record. If you compare them to the debut album, they are even brighter, more pop-punk driven, and summery than before. Don't believe that's possible? Have a listen on the player below, and make note of how the pop-hardcore elements in the vein of Four Year Strong and The Wonder Years have been all but dropped. Though at the time of writing, no songs from this EP are on their player, strangely enough.

One of the best qualities about "Bonfires", and Fireworks in general, is that their choruses don't always need to be pop-catchy to be appealing. Their songwriting as a whole is just so strong and enjoyable that the tracks simply don't require an obvious chorus to carry them straight to your heart, a huge part of the charm for this band. Should you have forgotten about one of the most promising raw pop punk bands in the scene at the moment, "Bonfires" is a great reminder of why you should still care when their new album lands later this year.


Download: I Grew Up In A Legion Hall, Like Ships In The Night
For the fans of: New Found Glory, older Fall Out Boy
Listen: Myspace

Release date 09.12.2010
Triple Crown Records

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