The Autumn Offering

The Autumn Offering

Written by: PP on 05/01/2011 19:55:44

In my eyes, The Autumn Offering has always represented generic in the field of metalcore/deathcore. For most of their career they've concentrated on sounding as brutal as humanly possible, while ignoring basic songwriting ideas like flow, melody and structure. Instead, brutal breakdowns, beatdowns and a blast-beat-driven drum department comparable to a thousand steam rollers flattening your brains have been the name of the game for good four albums now. They've now disbanded, but just before doing so they released their fifth album, the self-titled "The Autumn Offering", and what do you know, it happens to be their career-best yet.

The monotone brutality has been replaced by varied brutality. So while you can expect your ears to bleed and your hand desperately seeking the volume down control on your headphone cord, things like melodic solos, scratchy clean vocals, and black metal-esque shrieks have been brought more purposefully audible in the mix, resulting in a balanced mix of some of the most brutal metalcore you'll come across and great melody. "Exhale The Locusts" and "Fed To The Lions" are the two tracks I'd like to point out from this record, because they're top-of-the-league in the genre, fantastic, faithful metalcore renditions of the classic sound without the generic factor normally associated with stuff like that, but they are by no means the only solid tracks on the record.

Another modern metalcore/deathcore pitfall that The Autumn Offering avoids is a mechanical production. The drums break your eardrum, the blistering solos sound convincing, and the growling jumps out at you from your listening device. It leaves you with a far more organic feeling than anything from Rise Records in the last couple of years, and why The Autumn Offering leaves almost all of these bands in their shadow with their latest and final record. In a nutshell, this album is brutal metalcore that spills over to deathcore at times, but technical lead guitars and high doses of melody save it from the monotone catastrophe of their previous efforts. Too bad they disbanded now.

Download: Fed To The Lions, Exhale The Locusts
For the fans of: Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying, Hell Within
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Release date 31.08.2010
Victory Records

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