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Below The Belt

Written by: AP on 04/01/2011 14:09:10

Canada's sweetheart Danko Jones - rock star, spoken word aficionado and columnist - has been keeping busy of late. When he's not entertaining crowds across the world as half comedian, half musician, he's in the studio distilling the very essence of rock n' roll into songs full of sleazy attitude and infectious grooves. Following yet another year of extensive touring, the little madman has finished another one for us, and while "Below the Belt" strays not too far from his previous efforts, its dripping sexual sweat is as intoxicating as ever.

Indeed, Danko has not spared us his signature innuendos this time, either. And as usual, in order to fully appreciate songs like "I Think Bad Thoughts" and "Tonight is Fine" one needs to understand that the music is only half-serious, drawn as much from comedy as from a fascination with classic rock. Anyone who has ever seen Danko Jones live will undoubtedly have taken at least two things home: his sardonic inter-song banter and his epic tribute to deceased rock n' roll legends in the song "Mountain". It is on these two pillars that Danko's albums, including this new one, stand. As such, it is important to unplug from an all too serious attitude, and enjoy the ballsy rock drivel at face value.

Just as its title suggests, "Below the Belt" deals in the dirty, but the theme is deliberately hidden in ambiguity so as to covertly assault the values of conservative, naive Americans who listen to the radio. But at the same time, the album - composed of simple riffs, minor chord progressions and the occasional traditional solo - is designed to entertain major audiences as much as deceive them. Like all its predecessors, the album features an array of accessible, catchy and fun rock songs written with big crowds in mind, which rest almost entirely on the swagger of the eponymous frontman.

"Below the Belt" is no groundbreaking album, but it does fucking rock. Other bands have tried their hand at invading Danko's niche (Buckcherry, anyone?) but none have managed to replicate the extraordinary balls that Mr. Jones possesses. If your girlfriend is into dirty talk but you're tired of talking and would rather just get busy, slip in "Below the Belt" and let Danko do the talking for you.


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For the fans of: Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, Mustasch, Volbeat
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Release date 14.06.2010
Bad Taste Records

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