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Holy hell - who actually likes this shit? Somehow Soulfly plagiarists Ektomorf have existed since 1994, got so far as being signed by Nuclear Blast and yet after 16 years they are still blind to the demise of nu-metal and frankly, are still this shit. "Redemption" is the band's 9th album and yet still devoid of an identity that doesn't already belong to Max Cavalera I can't fathom for their ever-expanding discography…until I realise there are probably more people out there who appreciate this kind of 'dumb metal' than those who actually appreciate the real, quality stuff.

The formula pretty much throughout "Redemption" is chuggy down-tuned bass heavy riffs devoid of any intelligence or quality comprising monotone song structures and some of the most childish 'why is my life so depressing?' lyrics I've heard since nu-metal died it's thoroughly deserving death. Through "Last Fight", "I'm In Hate", "Never Should" and "God Will Cut You Down" the soporific grungey feel cries out for some maturity that tragically only faintly appears with Danko Jones' appearance in "The One". The rest, I'm afraid is a total waste of time. More down-tuned mania, nay a riff of interest to speak of, not a moment of composition that bands playing your local rock night couldn't knock out from two hours in the practice room. I do despair at times, I really do…


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Release date: 17.12.2010
AFM Records

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