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The Way Things Swell

Written by: TL on 31/12/2010 15:50:40

Time is winding down and I got to get party-ready in a second, so this will be the last TL review in 2010. The honour goes to the American punk-rock quartet The Great Explainer and their EP "The Way Things Swell". The EP is basically a four-track first effort from a band presenting an unashamed reinterpretation of the melodic punk-rock/post-hardcore mixture that several bands have already have success (at least artistically, if not commercially) with in recent years. We're talking raw, bright guitars, good rhythm variation, and a vocal arrangement fronted by a mighty manly roar and backed by a passionate emo croon.

You can't say that there's much news in that, in that it sounds very similar to bands like Polar Bear Clun and Scream Hello, but then, if you're a fan of those bands, then you likely can't get enough of bands sounding like that (we know that we can't quite), so that really isn't that big of a deal. The Great Explainer sound as competent as can be in the exhibition of the style, and the only thing that really remains for them is to get their career on wheels with some really catchy songs, like PBC's "Another Night At The Rock" or Scream Hello's "Golden Anniversary".

Things don't quite come together in examples of that kind of quality here on "The Way Things Swell", though the sound is easily enjoyable, the songs lack that final bit of character that really makes you remember the band. For a first EP from a young band however, having simply put music together that sounds this convincing and well-performed, that's a quite good achievement, and it's more than sufficient to give the listener a sense of good things to come. So keep songs with this sound coming, and preferably in bigger batches, and then I think it's only a matter of time before the genre's fans begin to take notice.


Download: Quotas, Codeine... Bourbon
For The Fans Of: Polar Bear Club, Scream Hello, Living With Lions, Banquets

Release Date 13.07.2010

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