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Written by: TL on 31/12/2010 00:21:19

Right, as hinted earlier, here's the second review of the day of Swedish pop-punk quartet Future Idiots, this time of their third LP's worth of original material. Despite the fact that making pop-punk can be considered as putting together the simplest musical elements, in a manner that doesn't challenge many listeneres, I still think we've seen enough boring attempts to know that you do need a little talent as well if you really want to make a name for yourself.

Now, I must admit that releasing an LP's worth of covers isn't something that would normally raise my expectations for a band's next album, but Future Idiot's "Grand Theft Audio" was actually rather enjoyable, and what do you know, their original stuff is quite good too.

Their covers essentially sounded like Blink 182 and Millencolin getting together to remake some pop-songs, but while those two bands are still referenced in the sound on the real album "Lust", the truth is that each song on the album reminds me about a different pop-punk great, while being pretty awesome in the process. The Ataris, Screeching Weazel, Bowling For Soup and The Lawrence Arms are just a few that cross my mind while spinning this disc.

Future Idiots have - apart from choosing a band name I keep thinking is a bit stupid - gone for a 'more is more' approach and delivered another whooping fourteen tracks of music, and while the production is hardly clear as crystal, it's exactly clear-yet-still-raw enough to be perfectly suited for the genre. All instruments are crisp, buzzy and individually audible at most times, and in the vocal department, the band mostly alternates between a high-pitched scratched voice (which is likely what makes me think of The Lawrence Arms) and a deeper Mark Hoppus-ish clean, both of which appear alternately in lead and backing roles.

As far as highlights go, I think any evaulation of such would be more subjective than usual, because most all of "Lust"'s songs are engaging and enjoyable absolutely immediately. Personally, I like the bouncy, light-hearted opener about "Keyra Augustina" as well as the dark and moody "Self Annihilation", and there's also a kickass trio in the relationship-themed "Make Up Your Mind", the instantly memorable "Confessions To A Bartender" and the 8-bit electronics of "Out Of Fashion".

It doesn't make all that much of a difference however, because "Lust" is basically a youthful tour-de-force through more or less every tried and proven pop-punk element from the time before New Found Glory started the trend of bringing bits of hardcore into the picture. It's basically like time-travelling back to the time when you were young and was just getting into pop-punk, except here, all the bands are rolled into one. It might be a bit unfocused, the production could be slightly better and the song writing could be more ambitious, but let's be honest - If a band sounds like a young Blink 182 and can deliver at least six or seven catchy songs on a record, then PP will likely crucify any reviewer that doesn't properly reward such an effort.


Download: Keyra Augustina, Self Annihilation, Confessions To A Bartender
For The Fans Of: Blink 182, Millencolin, The Ataris, Bowling For Soup
Listen: myspace.com/futureidiots

Release Date 09.11.2010
Pacific Ridge Records

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