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Tourist History

Written by: TL on 29/12/2010 18:01:50

It seems that with regular intervals, receives the odd promo from bands that are either electro-rock or indie-rock or both, despite the fact that the music on those promos often push the boundaries for what we actually consider our focus. I'm usually the one who gets to review them, and unfortunately, I can't say that I'm consistently spoiled with the level of talent. Good thing then, that there are bands like Two Door Cinema Club around, who can show how it's done. The band is a trio from Northern Ireland, whom I recently discovered on's "Most Listened Artists of 2010" list, so while I'm perfectly new to them, they must have quite a following already.

Thinking that to be as good a reason as any, I decided to check out the band's debut LP "Tourist History", and by now I'm about ready to say that it's a pretty cool record, especially for those with a taste for some indie/electro/pop/rock (quite a mouthful, I know). I've seen around the internet that TDCC sound a lot like Friendly Fires, but seeing as I've hardly listened to that band at all, I can't very well verify this comparison. To my ears, the band sounds a good deal like Brandtson, except with lighter vocals, or like Foals, except with a sound that's much more polished.

To quit name-dropping however, what that amounts to are poppy songs that are almost invariably up-beat and driven by a combination swiftly plucked guitar and bass as well as bubbly little flourishes of electronics. The singing has a naive tone, kind of like Vampire Weekend, except somewhat understated, and overall it is quite charming. There are catchy choruses aplenty, showcasing that TDCC know how to pen a line that sticks to the mind and can stand up to repetition.

If I should file something in the complaints compartment, it would be that the entire expression is remarkably lightweight, and except for an occasional tint of darkness in the songs, you get the feeling that there really isn't all that much at stake in this band's universe. However, by keeping the pace fast, the beat danceable and the refrains infectious, TDCC avoid having that be anything but a very minor detriment, to an otherwise very enjoyable listening experience.


Download: Cigarettes In The Theatre, I Can Talk, Undercover Martyr, Something Good Can Work
For The Fans Of: Brandtson, Foals, Vampire Weekend, Friendly Fires

Release Date 01.03.2010
Kitsuné Records

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