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Cast In Iron

Written by: GR on 28/12/2010 22:22:37

Iron Fate are from Germany and they play heavy metal. For a lot of people, that'd be all the information they need to pass judgement on the band - it's going to be power metal riffs, high-pitched vocals and clichéd lyrics, right? Well, for the most part they'd be right. Iron Fate have been around for 5 years or so and this is their debut full-length after gaining a deal with Massacre on the strength of their demo.

Don't, however, write them off completely as a generic waste of time just yet - for while "Cast in Iron" offers nothing new and is unlikely to excite the average metalhead, fans of the sub-genre should find a decent enough listen here. Once you've got past a cheesy 'demonic' spoken-word intro of the kind this type of metal loves so much, you'll find a band peddling a somewhat heavy brand of power metal centred around the impressive vocals of Denis "Iron Ivan" Brosowski. His steel-clad lungs provide the main attraction, and combined with the tough but melodic backing brings to mind the likes of Primal Fear, Tribuzy, Ripper Owens et al.

What ultimately saves "Cast in Iron" from being flung straight into the infinitely large bargain bin labelled "generic German heavy metal" is the quality of the song-writing on offer. Sure, there's nothing original to be found in tracks such as the screaming "Resurrection" or pounding "Killer Instinct" but each is solidly constructed and memorable enough on repeated listens. Despite a couple of ballads breaking the pace up, there's a tendency for the other songs to merge into one in your mind when thinking back over the album - in fact, most sound familiar somehow even on first listen. This may indicate Iron Fate are aping their influences a bit too much but doesn't detract from a worthwhile effort all the same. "Cast in Iron" won't see many repeated plays in the future but you could do a hell of a lot worse.

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For The Fans Of: Primal Fear, Tribuzy, Ripper, Halford
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Release Date 02.07.2010
Massacre Records

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