A New World EP

Written by: PP on 28/12/2010 16:07:27

Warwickshire, UK-based Gehtika have reached their second EP with "This New World", which has all the tell-tale signs of a band that probably should've spent much longer in fine-tuning their sound, but more importantly, in writing better songs. It's one of those metal albums that flirts with subgenres like thrash and metalcore without really fitting in properly anywhere, a below-average record that carries every denotation of the word "amateur" within its unoriginal riffs and shoddy production.

Lets start with the vocalist. I've seen some praise him for his supposedly raw and 'brutal' delivery, but his gargling scream/growl combination is awful. It doesn't suit the music and sounds repulsive to say the least. If you're playing metalcore, you wanna go for something akin to All That Remains, Darkest Hour, or even Lamb Of God, whom they are claiming as influence, if you want to be at all successful. Thanks to his input, the whole record comes off as generic, a feeling certainly not helped by the unoriginal thrash/metal riffs stolen from much bigger bands in the business. I get it, the low-end riffs are inspired by Pantera, but this isn't even second or third-rate in comparison, this is like... lets say, tenth-rate or so. There isn't a single track of redeeming value on offer here, just boring, generic metalcore spiced with thrash and other elements without any consideration (or perhaps talent?) for composition.


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For the fans of: Lamb Of God, old Trivium
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Release date 18.10.2010

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