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Split EP

Written by: PP on 25/12/2010 01:14:52

OK, so I'll probably face another Antibodies styled comments shitstorm for this one, but the fuck would I care, as I'm on the right side of the argument and you guys aren't. I've got a split in my hands by two bands called Insult and Rampant Decay, who both offer their interpretation of 80s hardcore fitted into just about three and a half minutes each. Another thing they both share in common is the word terrible, so you might as well click the player below now and make a mental note to never check either one of these bands out.

Insult plays thrashy, relentless speed hardcore/punk with disgustingly bad production, resulting in one side of the EP that can best be described as a complete mess. Five out of six tracks are thirty seconds os less, and rightly so, 'cause if they lasted any longer I think I'd have to rip my ears out. The vocals are really rough, but whereas modern hardcore bands (or even NYHC bands) use this to their advantage, here they just sound pointless. So overall, I'd say this band is shit. Anyone trying to claim otherwise saying "oh but it's REAL hardcore" has no fucking idea what they are talking about and has a horrid taste in music and/or has forgotten that Black Flag records wouldn't have sounded like that should they have had better recording techniques available. See the new OFF! record for reference (featuring Keith Morris). No offence, or actually, scratch that, all offence.

Rampant Decay go through three cuts in just about the same time, so there's a little more value for money here in terms of song length, but then again, not really that much. They also sound like a complete mess, misunderstanding the whole idea of hardcore into being as lo-fi, unproduced, and shitty as possible. There's a little crossover going on here, but nothing significant otherwise to report on. Goes in one ear, comes out the other, makes no impression other than a wrench on the listener. Only marginally better than Insult.

I bet Antibodies like this release, so I added half a grade just to piss them off as I rated them only a 2.

Download: don't.
For the fans of: Antibodies, hardcore stuck in the 80s
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Release date 2010
Patac Records

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