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No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears

Written by: DR on 24/12/2010 18:48:06

Before I started writing for I was all too quick to write off the British music scene, but since then I've been given some good young bands to review who have restored my faith, particularly in the post-rock scene, and particularly in 2010. Bands like And So I Watch You From Afar, Blueneck and Last Lungs are some of the most promising acts in the genre and have delivered excellent releases this year. This review will judge whether Goonies Never Say Die, from Blackpool, deserve to be ranked among them.

They've certainly branched out a bit more with their sound, that's for sure. Their debut "In A Forest Without Trees" was a solid debut, but it didn't even begin to hint that their second album would sound anything like this. No longer would I label them as a post-rock, I now feel they're more of an instrumental rock group. They've included more influences, more variation inbetween songs, more sound in terms of how consistently loud it is, all of which seems to stem from a desire to add an edge that makes them slightly different while being instantly familiar. "Nothing Remains Forever But We Still Hold Hope" is a flurry of different styles, from the opening lonely-piano through to the jazzy guitars, leading into post-metal riffage to the quiet closing; that's the second song, the first real one after the introduction/opener, so it does well to prepare you for the rest of the album.

"The Wrong End Of A Trembling Knife" and "This Low Point Can Only Be Followed By A High" both adopt ringing guitars ala Last Lungs and Fang Island, the latter is more prominent with them, giving the song in general an indie-feel, until the end when they throw noisy-output in the background to end the song with a bang.

The final half of the album takes a darker, more metallic route, drawing further influences from post-metal, especially "Momument To A Moment That Never Should Have Passed" which is the darkest, most ominous track here. "Indifference Speaks Louder Than Anger" closes the album in fine form, undergoing quick transitions between the quiet and loud and quiet, until it climaxes with a dramatic ending.

The album last 48 minutes, with plenty of songs lasting five+ minutes, but there are also those that choose to keep it really short and sweet, lasting merely two or three minutes. There's almost no quiet, introspective build-up in any of the tracks, and almost no silence. From the first seconds (after the introduction) they're blasting you in the face with riffs or rising you up with lustrous melodies.

The answer the question in the opening paragraph of whether or not Goonies Never Say Die deserve to be ranked among the most-promising UK acts in the post-rock/instrumental field is a resounding yes. "No Words..." is the kind of album that deserves your full attention, and if you play it loud - which is how it should be played - it will get it from you. Moreover, they have originality on their side.


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For The Fans of: And So I Watch You From Afar, Maybeshewill, Sunlight Ascending, Collapse Under The Empre, Fang Island, Last Lungs
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Release Date 12.10.2010
Deep Elm Records

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