Lucifer's Horns

Written by: PP on 24/12/2010 05:54:00

Moon have played some aggressive and harsh black metal, symphonic black metal, and now more than a decade after splitting up, atmospheric black metal on their third album "Lucifer's Horn". It's characterized by a brooding, uncompromising stance on the genre's basic ideals, the tremolo riffs and blast-beat hell, which are contrasted by oddly melodic atmospheric passages that form an integral part of Moon's sound. These push the band over the border of just being average to being fairly good.

Despite the inclusion of such sections, "Lucifer's Horn" as a whole is viciously fast. It helps add to the weird contrast, especially when an oddly folk/pagan acoustic guitar is layered on top of the brutal backbone suddenly on "Torches Begin To Burn". Little details like these make the album stand out, even if it's otherwise not very different from your typical Polish black metal band. That is, a blasphemous attitude and a possessed, brutal atmosphere that makes it sound like the devil is manning the instruments and the vocals. Essentially, you know exactly what you're getting from that description, so on that note, make your decision whether to obtain a copy or not.

Download: Torches Begin To Burn, Confined In Heaven, Zwiastowanie Ognia
For the fans of: Vader, Mekong Delta, Christ Agony
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Release date 15.09.2010
Witching Hour

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