Acceptance Of Death

Written by: PP on 24/12/2010 05:36:41

Hailing from the formidable Polish death metal scene, we have Magnus, who were a middle-tier death/thrash metal band throughout the 90s before splitting up in 1997. Earlier this year they decided to reform and record a new album, the result of which you are currently finding under review consideration here. The album's called "Acceptance Of Death", and it's essentially a thrash metal album at its core, despite showcasing strong death metal and grindcore overtones throughout.

The first impression of the record is awful. The mixing is completely off, leaving everything sounding like a chaotic mess instead of the masculine brutality they were clearly going for, and vocalist Rob Bandit is fuckin' terrible, with his growl sounding like it's draining all his energy every time he opens his mouth. You'll notice he shares a lot in common with Piotr from Vader, but in reality, it's not really a contest which one is better at his profession. The second impression isn't much better, because their brand of dark, almost blackened thrash/death combo goes in from one ear only to come out of the other. It's just not very memorable, the riffs aren't particularly striking, and the whole "lets experiment with inexplicable jazz sections in our thrash-death" just pushes the band off a cliff during "Worm". From here on, the composition decisions are strange and unfitting, leaving the memory of the album lying in your mind like a battered corpse instead of the thrash/death titan it aspires to be. Simply put, it sounds like pure noise at times, which isn't exactly what thrash metal is meant to be all about.


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Release date 15.09.2010
Witching Hour

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