Cadaver Dogs

Thrill Ride EP

Written by: PP on 24/12/2010 05:01:33

First, a word of advice. Don't like the Cadaver Dogs page on Facebook, because these guys love to spam you with all sorts of stuff through their Twitter link several times a day. I think I counted ten separate posts from them a few weeks earlier. Second, their debut EP "Thrill Ride" only contains five songs, so let me keep this one short. Basically, they play groove-driven rock that carries hints of the British indie rock scene, though this band originates from across the Atlantic ocean. Expect lots of polish and groovy vocal lines, plenty of soloing and pedal effect that recalls the 80s rock movement.

The premise as such is fine, however, the execution isn't. They possess an annoyingly over-confident sound, manifesting in songs that come across like they want to be really big really bad, but fail to deliver anything that wouldn't have been repeated a million billion times by a ton of similar bands in the past. The choruses contribute heavily into this train of thought because of the way they're designed. Instead of sounding like passionate cries for the rock gods as they should be, they are instead irritatingly catchy, leading into an unhealthy amount of predictable in their overall sound. That's why it feels like an effort to go through a listening session of the record, not because it's terrible by any means, but because it's so painstakingly average and unoriginal by its nature. Only get this if you can't get enough of British flavored rock'n'roll as a part of your daily appetite. Sorry guys.


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Release date September 2010

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