Efter Oss Syndafloden

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Why most bands opt not to sing in their native language continues to baffle me. There is something immediate and uncompromising about the pronunciation and structure of a foreign language that makes it more befitting the realm of heavy music in particular, than does the saturated use of sterile American English. As a result, the few black sheep that choose to remain patriotic are often the ones to stand out, not just because of their wild originality, but because their alien language creates intrigue. The Norse languages, for instance, are inherently more severe than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, using round R's and harsh consonants that, frankly, sound brutal as fuck when incorporated into screamed or growled vocals.

Yersinia, an unclassifiable hybrid of indigenous black metal, death metal, crust and hardcore, understand the potential in this, sounding extraordinarily violent on this debut disc. 19th century Swedish poetry is not the most obvious theme to arise from the vehement pounding and yelling that begin to persuade you to self-harm on "Den Sista Sång Jag Skriver Till Dig" (which translates to the last song I write for you), but make no mistake, Yersinia is not another bland three-word metalcore band with manufactured anger, their terrifying immediacy is the mark of a band using every line and note to express something (most likely a profound hatred of man). But although "Efter Oss Syndafloden" is every bit as berserk as Mattis Erngren's murderous vocals, Yersinia have a melodic edge that insists there is more to it than fierce chugging and unadulterated rage.

Yersinia are the kind of band whose influences are inbred, writing songs that - for those looking to pigeon hole the band - are too frantic to fit a single frame of reference. Just as seamlessly as the band slips into a raging tantrum, they convey genuine desperation with a pitch flailing like there's no tomorrow. The band's exceptional, collective musicianship is delineated in every song structure, each of which exposes the band from a unique perspective, shrouded in dark, metallic poesy. Even stern devotees to extreme metal are likely to find satisfaction in the likes of "Det Vi Gav Till Havet" (what we gave to the sea), "Barlast, Jag" (ballast, I) and title track "Efter Oss Syndafloden" (after us a deluge of sins), with Yersinia coming across like Kvelertak on psychoactive drugs.

"Efter Oss Syndafloden" is violent, inventive and filled with unbridled vitriol. It sounds as heavy as a planet exploding, with riffs sharp enough to shatter concrete, and if their fire and brimstone approach doesn't scare off the neon kids hyping Attack Attack! in your face, chances are Mattis Erngren and his band of murderers will do the job in person; just make the phone call. Seriously, the monumentally brutal grind that Yersinia throws at you along with chunks of Erngren's mutilated throat, tempered only by the band's ventures into ominous melodies, provides a bigger adrenaline rush than jumping off a cliff - without a fucking parachute. Fans of metalcore shall tremble in their sneakers when Yersinia unleashes this abysmal deluge live.

Download: Den Sista Sång Jag Skriver Till Dig, Det Vi Gav Till Havet, Efter Oss Syndafloden, Gör Ett Jävla Hål Här
For the fans of: Cedron, Jesaiah, Kaospilot, Kvelertak, Meleeh
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Release date 08.12.2010
Black Star Foundation

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