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Written by: EW on 20/12/2010 22:45:53

Next in the line-up of bands whom have seemingly forgotten what made metal special in the first place are American one-man acts Putrid Pile and Viral Load on this split EP of theirs. That being for why metal is great is it's humane touch and sense of depth and emotion, qualities entirely absent from drum machine blasted, gutturally gurgled blastathons like these. Think of such senseless ultra-brutal (or br00tal, for idiots) bands being the equivalent of those blinged up rudeboys who crawl down the high street while their pimpmobile's sub-woofer shakes every local buildings foundations - a total lack of substance being covered by debatable style, if you will.

VL provide "Dog Food Lube", "Methlab Machete Massacre" and "Cod Piece Face". All are as shit as the song titles. It would be hypocritical for one to decry manufactured pop music for simply rolling off the production line and then to glorify this equally cold slab of gurgling, chug-heavy Dying Fetus-esque riffs and triggered drums. A complete waste of my time. PP are mildly better in comparison with "A Fitting End" and "Lifeless…Not Useless" giving us a riff or two of mild interest blended besides brutal drum setting no.483 or something similar on their drum programming software. I hardly need say the remainder of PP's three songs offers nothing in the way of depth.

What is the point of this? I guess for the makers, purely the pleasure of releasing music for the world to hear. For listeners? God help me.


Download: A Fitting End (if you must)
For The Fans Of: Ultra-heavy/ultra-br00tal DM, or idiots.
Listen: Viral Load Myspace
Putrid Pile Myspace

Release date: 29.10.2010
Relapse Records

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