City Of Fire

City Of Fire

Written by: AP on 20/12/2010 18:16:30

City of Fire have made a name for themselves of late supporting the mighty Fear Factory. Not surprising considering that Burton C. Bell is credited as the band's vocalist, while Byron Stroud provides the prominent bass tone of the band's self-titled debut offering. Given that Fear Factory made a hell of a return earlier this year with "Mechanize", the purpose of this band seems baffling, but as soon as opener "Carve Your Name" has dusted off the industrial flavorings subconsciously imported from Bell & Stroud's primary band, the motivation behind the album becomes more obvious.

You see, "City of Fire" is a safe, radio friendly hard rock album, and as such, the reasons for its existence are almost certainly rooted in the duo's desire to try their hand at other art forms. And with a Strapping Young Lad mainstay slash Fear Factory bassist as the puppeteer, and one iconic Mr. Bell lending his pipes to the band, the result might have been stuff of legend were it not in line with the forgettable nature of Bell's previous side ventures (Geezer Butler, Ascension of the Watchers, etc.). This is, as usual, bewildering, given the talent these two plus Caustic Thought cohorts collectively possess.

There is an understated sound of threat amidst the swagger here, which makes for an element of modest intrigue, but overall City of Fire's approach is frustratingly bland. Best described as something like metalized grunge with random 70s tossabouts thrown in, this album is an indiscriminate conglomeration of vague influences that serve only to lull the listener into a state of static complacency. The soundscape is starving for landmarks with the result that it struggles mightily to command attention. "City of Fire" comes across like a bunch of tired, old dudes making tired, dull sounds, but if you're dying to hear a record that bunch of respected metalheads made in their spare time, by all means, open the gates.


Download: Carve Your Name, Coitus Interruptus, Hollow Land
For the fans of: Alice In Chains, Fear Factory, Stone Temple Pilots
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Release date 27.09.2010

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