Still Remains

Of Love And Lunacy

Written by: PP on 05/05/2005 23:34:03

Still Remains' debut album "Of Love And Lunacy" is a blend of Christian hardcore and melodic metalcore. This is where most people immediately say Zao, but Still Remains are more than just a cheap copy of Zao. Their vocals are mostly growled out in a very produced manner, which slightly resembles that of Underoath's newest album. So what makes Still Remains different from the masses of metalcore bands out there? Well, their mixture of growling and clean vocals, the tempo changes between the songs, the tranquility and sacredness caused by the synth tuned into classical piano frequency, and the ever so melodic complex guitars and beautiful solos in every song are what make Still Remains stand out. Think of Atreyu's newest album and you're quite close to the style pattern of Still Remains' songs on "Of Love And Lunacy".


Download: In Place Of Hope, White Walls

For the fans of: Atreyu, Soilwork

Release date 03.05.2005

Roadrunner records

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