No Apologies

Written by: PP on 20/12/2010 06:36:22

Strange how times change. Five years ago even the bare mention of another Trapt album on its way would've been met with cringe-worthy facial expressions and cries of "why or why must we be plagued with more nu-metal". Today, at the eve of 2011, nu-metal has been dead for so long that most bands are either on indefinite hiatus or broken up, but those that are still around have re-invented themselves to find new relevancy in the modern era. Maybe that's why the new Trapt album "No Apologies", their fourth studio album, is titled the way it is, showing no regrets of their past. It can also be interpreted that they aren't about to apologise for their shift from nu-metal into standard crunchy mainstream rock either.

Incidentally, "No Apologies" is the best album I've heard by Trapt so far. Yeah, it's predictable, formulaic and lacks any and all signs of originality, but who's to say that writing catchy, radio-friendly rock anthems designed with the arenas in mind isn't a job a few bands in this world need to do? If you can take the record for its face value and say "it is what it is", you might have a similar revelation as I: it contains almost exclusively solid songs. "Sound Off" and "Drama Queen" have exactly the kind of choruses I want my radio-friendly, pseudo-heavy alternative rock to contain. "End Of My Rope" is ultra-poppy and the anti-thesis of the heavier and more aggressive material Trapt wrote at the beginning of their career, but you can't deny that the melody is well executed.

Three minute hard rock anthems don't come much better than this anymore, and because of that notion Trapt are already better than so much else out there in the charts. They sound just like Nickelback hindering Breaking Benjamin from defaulting, if you catch my drift, but the amount of filler on a single-oriented album like this one is surprisingly little. It won't fill any voids of artistic ambition, but if you're a sucker for easy-listening hard rock with anthemic choruses, then look no further.


Download: Sound Off, Get Up, End Of My Rope, Stranger In The Mirror
For the fans of: Nickelback, Default, Hinder, Breaking Benjamin
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Release date 12.10.2010
Eleven Seven Music

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