Let's Talk Daggers

Blankets EP

Written by: AP on 17/12/2010 09:58:17

The number of bands trying to resurrect the 'skramz' sound this year has been astonishing, as has the number of bands picking up the pieces after Norma Jean said goodbye to Josh Scogin and began moving in a slightly more coherent direction. It should not come as a surprise, then, that another caste of bands still, have taken both styles to heart. Let's Talk Daggers from Hailsham/Eastbourne in the United Kingdom belong in this caste courtesy of their newest EP "Blankets".

But rather than settling for mere idolatry, this dizzying dabble into jazzy chaos is so much more than some half-assed Norma Jean tribute. Within the four songs presented, the variety is immense, recalling bands as diverse and influential as Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan. "Footnotes" primarily recalls "O' God the Aftermath" era Norma Jean, but as soon as this horror chord driven maelstrom of aural violence dies down, "No Business Being Alive" and "3D Rug" pull the band first into carefully orchestrated, mathematic precision metal, then into threatening, noisy hardcore, and finally into funky jazz. The result is a kind of three-way tug of war between the influences just mentioned, with the vocals following closely the frenzied screams of Jacob Bannon and the instruments twitching between discordant time signatures, odd arrangements and explosions of indecipherable noise.

As such, Let's Talk Daggers wear their influences with overt pride. But the band never lapses into mimicry, showcasing instead a stunning ability to not only personify a sound of their own, but also to take that sound on par with said iconic bands. And for this one must offer commend, as playing music in league with Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Norma Jean is equivalent to landing a person on the moon; it's a privilege for the adept few.


Download: Footnotes, No Business Being Alive, 3D Rug, Raina
For the fans of: Bastions, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Kerouac, Norma Jean
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Release date 11.10.2010
** Unsigned band **

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