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Written by: DR on 16/12/2010 20:20:39

When bands release 'best of' albums, I generally assume they're going to split up soon. They just seem like the type of release bands use to get one last album out there, generate a little nostalgic buzz, and ultimately receieve one more payday before the members all go their seperate ways. This would appear to be true of Left Side Brain, using "Rifftrospective" as 'intended for newcomers' to get a few more fans, although their future remains up in the air.

Left Side Brain have been going for ten years - "Rifftrospective" was released shortly before a charity gig that marked their tenth birthday. They have three supposedly crtically-acclaimed albums to their name (although I've never heard of this outfit despite them being an English band), with this best of album being thirteen cherry-picked songs from their back-catalogue.

When listening to "Rifftrospective" I had absolutely no idea this was a collection of songs from different albums and different stages of their career: I thought, and it sounds like, it's a normal album: the production is pretty much exactly the same on every track, and from the first to the last there is almost no progression whatsoever. Based on my experience with the alternative rock/post-grunge genre, that's nothing particularly out of the ordinary and fans of it are unlikely to mind that. In fact, it's probably a good thing. As long as the lyrics aren't trite, the vocals are crooned, powerful and able to blast out a good chorus, and the musicianship is solid, that's what matters right? Oh, and the riffs, there must be riffs. Don't worry, there are plenty (like you hadn't guessed from the album title).

The likes of "Exit Route", "Uncomfortable", "Well Well Well" and "Figures" have just the right amount of pop injected into the choruses to deem them catchy, they could even have potentially become singles for the band with the right marketing. If you typically like this genre and somehow missed them 'kicking the ears off audiences at sweat-soaked live shows' Left Side Brain are a band you must be checking out, even if their future remains uncertain.


Download: Exit Route, Uncomfortable, Well Well Well, Figures
For The Fans of: Therapy?, The Wildhearts, Alter Bridge
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Release Date 25.10.2010

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