Jump Back Jake And The Echo-Friendly

Still Not Sorry

Written by: TL on 16/12/2010 14:08:24

Ah, it seems like only a few weeks ago that I last reviewed a record from Jump Back Jake - that's because it was only a few weeks ago - yet, the record had admittedly taken its time finding its way to the top of my pile of releases to be reviewed. And Jump Back Jake weren't sitting on their hands while waiting for that to happen it seems, because my review was promptly greeted with the information that the band had now turned into "Jump Back Jake And The Echo-Friendly", and already had some new music for my consideration, in the form of another EP called "Still Not Sorry".

I'm not quite sure who or what "The Echo-Friendly" is, but suffice to say that if Jump Back Jake have a fan-base, it won't be alienated by any sort of massive changes. Compared to the previous "Call Me Your Man EP", the only real differences are that the alt-country elements that gives the band character are more subdued and introverted here, and that the singing now reminds me on occasion of David Bowie.

However, if I am to say something else than the ho-hum "more of the same" kind of statement, then let me remark this: Dudes, your songs didn't need less of the stuff that gives them personality, they needed more. Compared to the last EP, these songs strike me as less memorable, even on back to back listens. Don't get me wrong, the stuff is still enjoyable - it's certainly not bad or boring.. It's just a little unimpressive.

I think the good thing one can take away with this EP however, is that JBJ seem to be on a roll when it comes to recording and dishing out well-sounding material, and I would certainly encourage them to keep it up. Only I wouldn't mind it if they got a little more ambitious next time around, and maybe started to think about putting together a 'real' album. That is if they feel the band has found its form in this "And The Echo-Friendly" constellation. Whether that is the case or not however, is of no consequence to my evaluation of this release, which I estimate is worth about a:


Download: All the songs for free, at the bandcamp link just below here
For The Fans Of: Ryan Adams, The Snake The Cross The Crown
Listen: echo-friendly.bandcamp.com/

Release Date 22.11.2010
Wasted Summer Records

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