Psycho EP

Written by: PP on 16/12/2010 07:29:13

More DIY hardcore punk your way comes, like a glimpse to the 80s scene courtesy of the Patac Records roster. Psycho and their self-titled EP is the next in line of short, four track records submitted to us for review quite some time ago, and it's follows the same format as Antibodies, Revilers and SCFF, simple, three-chord hardcore with DIY production and old school vibes everywhere.

These guys are somewhat heavier and more rooted in straight up hardcore than their more punk oriented colleagues. I'm getting the same vibes from their sound as from the really, really old school NOFX EPs from mid 80s(they were terrible) when they used to be on Mystic Records, and way before they became an excellent band on "S&M Airlines". Basically, no consideration for anything else than lo-fi hardcore fueled by rage. There's really no reason for anyone to be listening to bands like these because even within the same genre, there are a ton of bands doing the same thing much better. See Revilers, for instace, and skip these guys.


Download: Legalize Murder
For the fans of: Antibodies, SCFF, NOFX debut EP
Listen: Myspace

Release date 13.07.2010
Patac Records

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