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Written by: TL on 14/12/2010 18:47:55

Moving on quickly, the next record about which I am supposed to find something clever to say, is "Spirit Fangs EP", the debut EP by a quintet from California also named Spirit Fangs. There's an instant problem in this, given that listens to the disc has given me the feeling that these guys are not only of pretty indie-disposition, they are also likely more so than I am, and my superficial familiarity with the whole world of indie-music is unfortunately the most extensive one around on this site.

Disregarding that, I'll dare a vague attempt at accounting for the sounds which SF experiment with on this, what I believe is their first EP. What I hear are rather typical indie/punk type vocals, which dance on and off tune much like Pavement's, and dark instrumentation, heavy on the feedback, much akin to that of The Twilight Sad, and all of it is pressed into three songs that are slightly more post-punk and up-beat in nature than any of those two bands I just mentioned.

As far as establishing a sound goes, I think Spirit Fangs have done alright here, spicing the gloom up with bright guitar lines here and there, and keeping a good balance between restrained and rough vocals, but in the department of individual songs, I don't think any of the cuts the guys have put together here, have much by way of moments newcomers to the band will remember for very long.

But then again, let's remember that this is a three-track EP, from a band most people have never heard about. I'm sure they're more than satisfied with having put together a sound and some songs that ended up on record largely without telltale signs of amateurism. It should provide the band with a blueprint, and if they can build some good songs from it in the future, then I think the actual sound of the band is cool enough for them to get their name out their a bit.

Download: Strawberry Sun, Where Have You Been?
For The Fans Of: Pavement vs The Twilight Sad on a post-punk beat.
Listen: myspace.com/spiritfangs

Release Date September 20.06.2010
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