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Louder Than Words EP

Written by: DR on 05/12/2010 16:45:32

"Louder Than Words" is the self-released debut from pop punk band Bright And Early. There are pretty much two ends of the pop punk spectrum, with pop punk at one end, and the powerpop, girl-jeans wearing, fringe-sporting kind at the other, which is wrongly attributed with the "punk" label. Bright And Early are the former; the kind which, I, personally, have a lot of time for. If you do too, please keep reading.

This five-track EP wasn't on my review-list, I'd never even heard them before last week, but ever since I was directed to their "anti-scene" song "Something Personal" (a play on All Time Low's album), I decided that it warrants a review, mainly because I haven't been able to get that song of my goddamn head. Along with the whole determined and angsty vibe of it, and having one of the strongest choruses of any pop punk song I remember hearing this year, the lyrics speak to me. No, not in teenage girl "oh my gosh [band name]'s lyrics totally, like, speak to me" way, but in a way that finds me sitting here saying "fuck! I really agree with what this song is saying!". Basically, they've become disillusioned with the current state of the "scene", and have decided to voice their discontent, without holding back.

"I never looked right in v-necks or tight clothes

Never looked good in high tops or camo

Never had a fake fur hooded coat

I won't strike a pose like All Time Low


I wish I could just Attack Attack! Alex and Jack

The truth is I'm sick and fucking tired

And it's time to crack

And I won't give my respect to those shitty hacks

And the things they lack and their fixed up tracks

Where did the truth go?

I want it back"

A song such as that is likely to polarize opinion. While that is the best track on "Louder Than Words", even if you disagree with the sentiments of it, two of the other four tracks contain plenty worthy of checking out, particularly if you're a fan of the slightly more emotional side to this genre. From angsty opener "The Good Things End" the Midtown and Bayside influences in the music are obvious, but, again, it's lyrically where they are the most interesting, singing about the toils of giving everything for your music, living "like a bum", breaking free of your so-called "friends", but still persevering. "Slow One" is the slow one, duh, with Browne's vocals taking a slower, melodic and heartfelt turn, selling the optimism he sings of. The dance-y "Of Wasted Life" and Just Surrender-ish "Nik Nac" are half-decent, but don't quite match up in stature to the songs that preceded it.

To go back to the awesome "Something Personal", you may not like them calling out, if you will, certain bands, but the common theme prevailing on this EP is how they sing of what they are truly passionate about - they are truly passionate about music. I like and respect that, and I'm sure plenty others out there do too. A very decent and exciting start for Bright And Early.


Download: Something Personal, Slow One
For The Fans of: Bayside, Midtown, Just Surrender
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Release Date 15.06.2010

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