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Written by: PP on 04/12/2010 05:03:29

Any of you guys heard of Direct Hit! or Mixtapes? Two currently very small bands from Milwaukee and Cincinnati respectively, who are about to explode onto the scene with two explosive melodic punk / pop punk sounds that will sweep the carpet from underneath you on the first listen. They've just put out a split EP simply titled as "Mixtapes / Direct Hit! split", an intriguing introductory course to the two bands, as it contains one original song each, which the other band then proceeds to cover in their own, distinct style.

We''ll start off with Direct Hit!, a pop-hardcore band that utilizes the traditional rowdy, gang-shouted melodic punk rock style delivered in an uncompromising format, drawing distant parallels to Misfits but translating their influence in a much more modern way. "Werewolf Shame" is their song, a light-hearted, werewolf-themed song full of feel-good melodies that are out-of-the-box-danceable and sing-alongable. If this is any indication of what Direct Hit! are capable of, then sign me up for the pre-order of their full-length right now.

Mixtapes, who provide a song called "I Was A Teenage Poltergeist", are a wholly different affair, a raw pop punk band contrasting The Lawrence Arms styled male vocals with Paramore-style female high-energy pop punk in alternating lines, delivered at a ridiculous speed throughout. The Direct Hit! song fuckin' rules, but Mixtapes are definitely the 'story' of this split, simply because their song is fantastic, and gains great traction through the use of the female vocals. It works because the light female vocals play off perfectly from the male ones, something the band takes full advantage of on their cover of the Direct Hit! song shortly after. There's an entire new dimension to "Werewolf Shame" with the female/male vocal cross, making me like it even more than the original, which speaks volumes of the potential talent found within Mixtapes for future releases.

Direct Hit!'s cover of Mixtapes is pretty good though, although it feels a little less natural and a lot more awkward because you can tell that the band are used to a much rawer, more hardcore-based punk songs than Mixtapes. It's a good effort though and definitely translates the Mixtapes song into another context, an appealing one actually.

Though there are just four songs on this split, it's a great introduction to either or both bands. For example, I just placed an order on the new Mixtapes CD just because I loved their original song and their cover, so I see no reason why you might not feel the same about them or Direct Hit! for that matter. Some guy wrote on that "both these bands make me happy about music" - and he's right on. That's why I can write a summary like this: both bands have written two songs to die for here. These are freaking great songs, and that they cover each of them in their own way just adds to the curiosity and value. Two bands that, if they keep writing songs like this, will rise extremely quickly in the scene ranks, and here's your chance to get acquainted before they explode.


Download: Any of the 4 tracks
For the fans of: Direct Hit!, Mixtapes, The Lawrence Arms, Lemuria, a punk version of Paramore
Listen: Direct Hit! / Mixtapes

Release date 09.11.2010
Kind Of Like Records


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