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When it comes to extreme music, Norway is best known for its vigorous output of the most nihilistic, evil and uncompromising black metal in the world. But that the nation offers competition at other fronts, too, is a fact often ignored by the masses, and wrongfully so, for many an excellent band has emerged from its fjords without corpse paint. One of the latest is Kill-Tech, whose soft spots are old school thrash and melodic death metal. Still, loyal to their Norwegian heritage, the quartet are slightly more extreme, and a little bit more sinister than other practitioners of the genres, evident in the shades of black that poison the riffs on their debut EP "Inappropriate".

In accord with his infamous peers, vocalist Dreggur also uses a moniker, and growls in a manner which might, by the mainstream of heart, be regarded as terrifying (just like John Pettibone of the late Himsa). But the touch of black in the riffs aside, what Kill-Tech have composed here is actually well within the confines of music that can still be considered vaguely accessible, and this they demonstrate in particular in the fantastic, folk-influenced lead parts of "Simple Life is Complicated", and in the conclusive two-some that comprises "Ground Zero". Beginning with a quiet introduction backed by violins and cellos, the duo gradually escalates into an epic melodic death metal piece reminiscent of Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium and late Sentenced, adding a delightful Finnish-Swedish connection. As such, Kill-Tech are more melodic than Pantera and more pertinent than Machine Head despite counting both bands as influences, and existing in the immediate vicinity of their respective niches.

But while fans of both bands, and indeed fans of extreme metal in general, will find lots to rave about here, "Inappropriate" lags behind the iconic releases in the genre by a considerable margin. Because for every moment of brilliance brought forth by the instrumental prowess of guitarists Butch and M. Murder, there is a descent into monotony in the vocal section, or a generic thrash riff that outstays its welcome (see "Precautions" and "Causarius" for example), with the result that the highlights have less of a whoa factor. But then again, if you heed my advice and focus on the four recommended tracks, "Inappropriate" is guaranteed to form a moderate impression at the very least.


Download: Inappropriate, Path of Destruction, Simple Life is Complicated, Ground Zero
For the fans of: Dark Tranquillity, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Pantera
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Release date ??.07.2010
** Unsigned band **

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