The Year Of Love

Written by: PP on 01/12/2010 03:31:31

Earlier this year I got my hands on an up-and-coming Belgian outfit called Reno, who impressed me thoroughly through their rigorous, take-no-prisoners approach to chaotic hardcore, or I guess in their instance, mathcore. Their debut EP contained all the signs of a band who knew precisely how they wanted to sound like, and hence it's no surprise to find all four tracks from that release fitted onto this release as well. It's called "The Year Of Love", and it can basically be categorized as an honest, faithful rendition of all the highlights in the genre. Its destructive power from start to finish is immense; the listener should feel like he's been ran over by a freight train by the time you reach the final track, partially a result of the eleven tracks crashing their way through in a mere 25 minutes, but most of all because the band knows exactly when to throw in high-pitch feedback and when to let loose and utterly destroy anything left of the soundscape in twisting and curling guitar sections that even contain a hint of melody to them.

What we have here are extremely concentrated bursts of mathcore rage, fueled by crazed instrumentation and technical sections that owe it all to the legacy of Botch. Hints and inspirations from early Norma Jean and The Chariot run amok on the album as well, but make no mistake, urgency of the kind displayed here can rarely be attributed to anyone else than the aforementioned pioneers. So does that mean Reno are a clone band? Not quite, they have their own, European personality to contribute, as seen in the many tortured semi-clean wails on tracks like "Androids Don't Even Dream". I don't know what they put into Belgian water, but it seems most hardcore/mathcore bands from that area share a common ability to create an intense, ear-shattering overall sound picture that is best not left dissected into individual songs, but appreciated as a whole, chaotic mixture of mathcore insanity.

Download: Candidates Facing Boms, The Year Of Love, Androids Don't Even Dream
For the fans of: Botch, The Chariot, Norma Jean (old)
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Release date 06.10.2010
Dark Habitat Noise

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