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Written by: TL on 06/08/2006 15:09:10

I find it hard to know where to start writing about the Belgian post hardcore act Death Before Disco's sophomore album "Barricades". One thing seems to be painstakingly clear though. This is the best thing that has happened to the emo/post hardcore scene for a long LONG time. The music resonating from my stereo even at this very moment can only be described as stunningly beautiful.

From the very start, opener "Etireno" will hold you captivated with its haunting vocal lines and gloomy atmospheres and before you notice it, drums and violins will have announced your arrival in the world that is "Barricades". "Barricades Of Rumble" then launches into its rock'n'roll riff, and continues to surprise you with a chorus that by now seems strangely light and positive. Suddenly the song breaks down into another atmospheric part, and you will just be allowed to think "what? The Mars Volta?!" before the chorus kicks in again and takes you to the end of the song. Then the killer riff of "Full Metal Jacket" finds its way to your ears, and urges you to get up and move, and the super catchy chorus goes to work on your brain. By now you will think that you've got this album figured out, and boy are you in for a surprise.

You're sitting there thinking: "yeah, okay this is indie-hard-emo-core stuff", as the ambient sounds of "Jaguar" sneak up on you. More atmospheric guitars and drums blend into the mix, and then suddenly you're in 'The Mars Volta Land' again for a spell. Suffice to say that, before this 8:25 long piece of art is over, you should also have spotted hints of Coheed & Cambria-like soundscapes, that is if you weren't too busy just enjoying the trip. The cool part is, that this was actually the first of the GOOD songs on this album. "Goodbye" introduces you to a more traditional kind of rock song with a great solo in the middle, and more catchy lyrics. "Pyramids On Mars" is well.. Quite frankly amazing: Quiet/loud dynamics like you always wanted to hear them. I could go on like this about the remaining four songs, but I'll only tell you to be prepared for some almost 'Dillinger' like dissonant hardcore on the next song "Matchstick Girl" and then leave the rest for you to discover on your own. Believe me when I say, that what's left is every bit as amazing as what I've already mentioned.

By now you should have noticed, that I for one am IN LOVE, with the round piece of plastic spinning inside my computer right now. The guitarwork on this record is simply stunning and will drop your jaw regardless of what music you like. Not necessarily for its complexity, but for the way it contributes to the cleverly constructed atmospheres present in each song and for the way it just feels so damn rock'n'roll. The production also does a great deal, as you will be baffled time and time again on your journey through this album, by pianos, violins and even sounds of children playing. The vocal, resembling a bit of Armor For Sleep, won't strike you as being overly characteristic, but they suit the music perfectly. I will warn the readers though, that this isn't really an easy record to get into. It will take some active listening to unearth the sparkling diamonds that, once you've found them, make this album shine. With that being said, this is some of the absolute best stuff post hardcore has to offer, and if it wasn't for the fact, that the second and the third track seem a bit weak compared to the sheer brilliance of the rest of the album, this would have been a 10.

Download: Jaguar, Pyramids On Mars, Modern Times
For the fans of: Coheed & Cambria, The Mars Volta, Circa Survive
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Release date 31.07.2006
Lifeforce Records
Provided by Target ApS

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