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Moving On

Written by: PP on 29/11/2010 04:08:52

Here's another UK outfit with an EP that made its way to our inbox quite some time ago. I'm gonna keep this one short, because I don't intend to spend several paragraphs discussing what is essentially extremely generic, and stereotypical hardcore full of tough guy beatdowns designed solely for the assholes who ruin shows by swinging their arms around like windmills and karate-kicking others in the face while pretending to "dance hardcore". Not supported from this scribe as you all know. Anyhow, the band is called Pay No Respect, they originate from Britain, and they have a new EP out called "Moving On".

To put it simply: Pay No Respect play metallic, simplistic, straight-forward hardcore that sounds exactly like the gazillion German outfits out there like Human Demise to name but one. Sure, the yelling is brutal, and you get the feeling that the band is constantly in your face, but the songwriting is simply so monotonous and average it's difficult to get anything out of it. The strange thing is that they start out the EP so well on the intro track with distant melodic gang shouts recalling bands like Life In Your Way, which is exactly what they should be going after instead of merely attempting to sound as brutal as possible, which has the consequence of making the band sound exceptionally generic. "Moving On", the final track on the EP, is another example of much better songwriting: the song morphs into breakneck speed d-beat and some melodic gang shouts, steering away from the brutal in-your-face hardcore attitude for once and allowing the listener to enjoy something else than just fist-pumping monotone hardcore. The latter unfortunately is what's in between the great stard and the finish, so I'd steer clear if I was you. The artwork depicts me during this review session.

Download: Moving On
For the fans of: Human Demise, Spinkick, German stereotypical hardcore
Listen: Myspace

Release date 16.08.2010
Case 5 Records

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