Infinite Carcass EP

Written by: PP on 29/11/2010 03:47:34

Here's another band who recently sent us their record that sounds so much like somebody else it's unavoidable to not notice. The band in question is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Girlfight, who have just released their new record "Infinite Carcass", a short-but-sweet burst of mathcore chaos in a southern fried format. Sounds similar? There's another little band called Every Time I Die who have made this style into a form of art especially on their latest album. Granted, Girlfight borrow equally much from the chaos-hardcore of Botch, at least in terms of inspiration, and they don't really sound that much like ETID as I've given the impression of, but hyperbole extends understanding, right?

Anyway, what we have here is intense, face-melting hardcore that doesn't let go throughout the ten tracks that it lasts. At just twelve minutes overall, you can imagine the sort of aggressive, in-your-face type of chaos-hardcore that goes on during this record. Some of the songs could definitely benefit from being slightly longer, but the point of this EP is to release pure rage in the form of short bursts of violent hardcore fury. It's a totally uncompromising and extremely abrasive affair throughout, so it might not be suited for everyone, that is, unless you find mathy guitars, noise-oriented feedback and distortion among your favorite musical meals. Not to mention the throat-mutilating screaming style of their vocalist. The record is too short and the songs similarly chaotic to each other for me to come up with much more in this review, but just check the for the fans of section and make a decision to check these guys out.

Download: Doom Route
For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Botch, Charlie Brown
Listen: Myspace

Release date 12.09.2010
Emerald Moon Records

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