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Male Fantasies

Written by: DR on 28/11/2010 14:44:31

Forty minutes would be about the average album length, would you agree? Well, Neil Jendon's "Male Fantasies" runs just under that time, however, there are only two songs. Two songs, each clocking in at just under twenty minutes. Sounds challenging doesn't it? That's because it is; it's probably the most challenging record I have listened to all year.

Simply put, it's ambience. Pure ambience. Sheer electronic, drone-y soundscapes that take a helluva lot of patience to dilvulge. But twenty minute long compositions of not alot that subtley flicker and coerce aren't everybody's cup of tea now, are they? If they are, keeping. "Red Nurse - Vigilante! - White Nurse" is best described as stargazing, both in sound and in scope; there's less going in "Sisters, Impure Pillars Before The Sea" leading it to feel more 'hollow', and in turn, darker. It gradually starts to build, adding more, and giving the impression of waves gently crashing.

The production is utterly flawless, which helps "Male Fantasies" to no end. If you allow it time to absorb you, you'll be rewarded with the little nuances that Jendon applies underneath the warm, soothing electronic buzz. It's the little things, that could easily be noises found in nature or occurances from your average day - though I suspect they are entirely synthetic - that are ultimately the difference between a rewarding listen and a pointless one.


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For The Fans of: Ambient, Drone music
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Release Date April 2010
Land Of Decay

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