Gnaw Their Tongues

L'Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante

Written by: EW on 21/11/2010 23:46:41

As an artistic name Gnaw Their Tongues is sufficiently bizarre enough to accurately represent the unfathomable music contained within "L'Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante" as before you even offer playing time to this 45-minute ritual of hallucinogenic dark ambience the question of what it's all about is forced, unwillingly, upon you. A little bit of research reveals the moniker is taken from a passage of the Bible but if you're looking for such a simple analysis of these five tracks then I'm afraid you're right out of luck my friend.

Beginning with the 10 minute title track and not ending until the dying groans of "Le TrÙne Blanc de la Mort", this one-man Dutch outfit revels in the filthy unsettling nature of mass electronic claustrophobic soundscapes. If you're looking for a visual image to stimulate this near impenetrable wall of sound, gaze longingly at Slayer's "Hell Awaits" and "Reign In Blood" covers and you will have some idea of what a soundtrack to such hellish themes must be. Described as 'noise/black metal' in most quarters, on "L'Arrivée..." at least only the atmospheric heart of BM is called to attention as this nightmare of distorted noise is all but devoid of 'conventional' (even by BM standards) guitars and drums. With little to differentiate each song from the next (and the next and the next..) naturally any potentially appreciative audience of GTT's release, one of many in a long line since 2006, is going to be a very small one, a gathering to which I am not sold on joining. As an expression of emotion and self-determination and an attempt to create a harrowing and unsettling musical opus "L'Arrivée..." is spot on, but to detract any semblance of movement or structure from its gravitational forcefield is as futile as attempting to masturbate while wearing boxing gloves.

Personally, I appreciate the heavy sampling of classical instrumentation at the base of all five songs, from the shrieking discordant strings to the brass that emanates from the depths of "Le Trône Blanc de la Mort", but to expect much future playing of this record based on that factor alone would be unlikely even if a fire destroyed all my belongings, leaving just this and 10 other records to play for a year. Despite all this I can offer no comprehensive assessment of "L'Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante" as a dark ambient/noise record based on no prior experience in the genre, where for all I know it might well be a fitful masterpiece. As such take this review as gospel with a dose of caution, but even my broad palette of tastes does not stretch as so far to welcome these 45 minutes of hellish atmospherics close to this ever-forgiving heart.


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Release date 07.09.2010
Crucial Blast

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