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It's grindcore time, folks, and we're heading straight to the puritanical school of thought with the upcoming release of Relapse Records recording artists Phobia. Seventeen songs of pure grindcore mayhem in the traditional way with guitars grinding at maximum speed possible while the drumkit is receiving its most punitive battering in a long while. By that definition, you can safely skip the rest of this review and just assume you'll either love it or hate it, depending on your personal opinion on grindcore.

If the controversial style is a part of your tolerance matrix, then I have some good news for you. Phobia's version of traditional grind is very good. They don't spend time messing about - by the time it took me to type the above paragraph (I'm insanely fast at typing), I reached track seven - but unlike a growing number of newer grindcore units, they haven't forgotten about the power of a distinguishable riff. Just see "Tradition Of A Power" or "Sign Of Times", both which have manic tempo but are simultaneously able to feature tight, almost thrash metal-esque shredding dressed in the form of a tasty riff. Good stuff. The vocals belong to your usual gruff growl-yelling category, though Phobia also includes a shrieker about half of the time. These two interact with each other bringing about enough variation to not make "Unrelenting" a tiring affair despite the consuming nature of the music within. So in summary: if you like grind, get this, it's good shit. If you don't like grind, your ears will bleed.


Download: Tradition Of A Power, Sign Of Times
For the fans of: Napalm Death, Kill The Client, Brutal Truth
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Release date 23.11.2010

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