The Stench of Redemption

Written by: ASH on 02/08/2006 22:04:00

Yeah, another Earache Records release! This time, I forgive the label for the voice-over and split-up, since it was impossible for me to even listen to the last one I got [Ed note: Earache adds voiceovers and splits the tracklisting into 99 tracks to prevent piracy]. Now I only have to live with an evil voice telling me about the release date of Deicide's newest album "The Stench of Redemption", a follow up to their past single released on the day of the beast 06.06.06. Ever so evil, the legendary death metal savages give their audience a firestorm of fast-paced shredding and deeply aggressive vocals.

Undoubtedly, Deicide delivers the whole package, as expected from professionals of this genre and fans of the band will surely find this album as a new, refreshing fix to their brutal death metal hungry veins. Hardcore fans of the genre may also notice some rhythms similar to Cannibal Corpse, but this isn't that hard to discover when knowing that the ex-axeman Jack Owen of the Corpse, has replaced the Hoffman brothers along with Ralph Santolla, on this album.

Overall, "The Stench of Redemption" is a good album, but it isn't extraordinary when it has been listened to a couple of times. "Not Of This Earth" delivers the brutality. "Never to Be Seen Again" grants nice demonic riffs for those who like them. "The Lord's Sedition" tricks you around thinking of a peaceful ending, but since there aren't any happy endings in Hell, Deicide won't let you get away from their beastial energy and lets the track blow you away. It sounds great, but in my opinion too much of the good on some of the tracks. Nevertheless, Deicide has made a worthwile album, which anyone interested in the genre should give a try.


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