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Written by: PP on 18/11/2010 00:25:12

Bands with funky names tend to hold up to a certain standard, and Scarborough, UK based Mum Locked In Castle are no exception. They've previously released only one EP prior to "Lions Led", but that one was praised to the skies by a number of British magazines, including a mighty 8/10 by Rock Sound. One of the main reasons for the acclaim these guys are receiving is their slightly odd and unusual sound, which combines early 2000s post-hardcore together with Incubus-style alternative rock and progressive tendencies into something quite peculiar indeed. At one point, MLIC will sound just like the aforementioned band, given the clean vocalist's tendency to sound similar to Brandon Boyd, but it's the sudden unexpected explosions into Glassjaw-influenced post-hardcore screamedelia (yes, I just combined screaming and psychedelia together in a word) that make them such an interesting outfit.

Sonic intricacies and explorative attitude to songwriting can be found in plentiful servings across the five track EP. There'll be sections where MLIC engage in Minus The Bear-esque experimental pop, and elsewhere they are toying with the classic quiet/loud dynamic from the early years of post-hardcore. This results in passages that emit a distinctly progressive vibe despite their alternative rock general orientation. It's an interesting proposition, and whilst Glassjaw has made the very same style into an artform, MLIC fall somewhat short here of impressing me thoroughly. The songs are inventive and original, but lack lasting value. You can listen to a track like "Milk" and enjoy it each time, but the EP overall is missing that certain something that'd make me want to put it on instead of a, say, Glassjaw release. It's by no means a bad start, though, and fans of the bands mentioned should certainly feel intrigued.

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For the fans of: Glassjaw, Incubus, Minus The Bear
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Release date 25.10.2010
Medium Rare Records

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