Alice Through The Windshield Glass

Keep Your Eyes On The Road EP

Written by: PP on 03/11/2010 04:11:35

Alice Through The Windshield Glass own one of the more original band names I've come across, but unfortunately that's where the originality stops for these Australians. They've been a band since 2007 and all they've come up with so far is this EP, "Keep Your Eyes On The Road", a run of the mill deathcore release that just isn't on par with their more established peers. A large part of this reason is the home-made production. Everyone knows that to succeed in deathcore you'll need an intense, nearly mechanical production that's crystal clear, and that's something these guys just don't have. Luckily for the listener, they compensate with at least decent songwriting skills and (mostly) avoid the breakdown-hell many other new deathcore bands engage in.

The Aussie metal scene is more known for its metalcore products like I Killed The Prom Queen, who read the book of metalcore faithfully but come across much heavier and less accessible than their American peers. It's this brutalized metalcore sound that Alice Through The Windshield Glass takes on a very basic level, and converts it into a deathcore format, essentially cutting-and-pasting short moments of metalcore glory in between monstrous chugging and heavy dissonance. When they manage to seam the two together in a meaningful way, such as on "Tetris Chainsaw Massacre", they aren't half bad. The leads are memorable, the hooks melodic, and the embedded folk metal solo is a nice touch in an otherwise standard deathcore sound. The final song on the EP shows a more ambitious side to the band, where they break out of the generic deathcore formula, include symphonic elements, and experiment with a different tempo and spacier sound, This is probably the direction Alice should head towards in their future material to have any chance in distinguishing themselves from the gray mass. But for the most part, the songs lack a sensible flow, crashing into a brick wall of breakdown at moments not too opportune if you ask me. Coupled with the fact that there's at least a thousand other bands playing this exact style, Alice Through The Windshield Glass simply need to do much better in order to receive a rating higher than just average.


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Release date May 2009

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