Live Fast, Die Old School

Written by: PP on 03/11/2010 03:49:31

The promo blurb for Massachusetts based Antibodies' debut album "Live Fast, Die Old School" starts out like this: "In a time when most punk rock is squeaky clean, there is a dire need for a band like Antibodies". Err, so we are really in need of garbage production, awful songwriting and even worse instrumental talent recalling the days when punk rock was all about not knowing how to play your instruments? I get it, these guys rebel against bands like Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and the likes, but come on, what about bands like No Use For A Name or Lagwagon? Or even Rise Against or Pennywise? Both excellent bands from the top of the league when it comes to punk rock, and both bands who couldn't survive without tight, clean production allowing their flair for melodic to shine through. Now why does a statement I'd usually skip as useless marketing hype irk me off so much? Well friends, Antibodies are essentially making that exact point throughout the thirteen tracks on their album, and their point is simply invalid, unless you happen to be one of those "punk rock died in the 80s" sort of guys wearing patches all over your bag and leather jacket.

Sure, these guys take their cues from old school hardcore acts like Black Flag and the wealth of imitators that proceeded the legends, but their tunes are given god-awful, dare I call it garbage production that leaves the drums flat, the vocals too quiet, and the guitars without punch in the mix. Not just that, but Antibodies couldn't write a good song even if their life depended on it. Opening your album with a song called "Fuck You" is probably aimed precisely at people like me, but when you remove the awesome melodies, killer hooks, intelligent lyricism and high-octane energy from punk rock, what are you left with? Not just forgettable pseudo-hardcore that completely lacks the fist-pumping energy of proper hardcore, but even worse, songs that are frankly irritating to listen to. There aren't many redeeming qualities left in Antibodies' retrospective punk/hardcore interpretation. When more than 90% of the genre writes better songs than the thirteen ones up for evaluation here, it's just too easy to dismiss them as "sell-outs" to make up for your own lack of talent. Even with better production, "Live Fast, Die Old School" still wouldn't be anywhere near making the cut into the 'good' ratings at this magazine, even if I was a punk rock elitist like the band appears to be.


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Release date 13.07.2010
Patac Records

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