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Written by: PP on 02/11/2010 03:17:23

Bangarang was a fantastic pop punk band from the States, whether or not We Will Fly's album title has anything to do with those guys the story does not tell. Check them out if you're not familiar already. We Will Fly, however, specialize in a much faster and heavier brand of punk rock than said band, and given their German origins, you know pretty much what to expect: very Europeanized, hardcore-inspired brand of punk rock that actually shares a whole lot in common with many Danish punk rock bands, most notably Stars Burn Stripes and Mighty Midgets. That should already hint that we're walking on a thin line between hardcore punk and melodic hardcore with intense melody lines and tight guitars leading the way whilst pedal is relentlessly squashed to the ground throughout the album.

And when I mentioned they share a lot in common with SBS, I should've said they sound nearly identical. They even have two vocalists who correspond almost exactly to SBS screamer Filip and the sharp off-tune singing of main vocalist Lasse. Check out "Archivists" or "Bangarang" and you can't deny the similarity between the two bands. It's not a problem by any means, because despite a breakneck pace in tracks like "Lullabies", they somehow find the red melody thread to make the songs sound accessible. They are played with similar ferocity and uncompromising attitude as Mighty Midgets songs, giving each song an aggressive edge to lean on aside from the highly technical and complex guitar melodies. Speaking of those, lets just say that the lone guitarist Paul in this band is one hell of a guitarist given his ability to fire as awesome chord progressions at as ridiculous speeds as on a number of tracks on this album. Breathing pauses are pretty much non-existent here, but that's the reason why "Bangarang" sounds as good as it does. It refuses to lull you into some pop dream and instead gives you a dinner plate's worth of awesome melodic hardcore whether you're ready for it or not. It's not particularly original nor innovative, but why re-invent the wheel when you have a good one that already works just fine? This won't be the album to draw you into melodic hardcore though if you're not a fan of the genre because of it's acute and fiery sound, but those who like the genre will find lots of good things here.


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For the fans of: Stars Burn Stripes, Mighty Midgets, Protagonist
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Release date 29.05.2010
5 Feet Under Records

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