The Tragedy Of Mariam

The Tragedy Of Mariam EP

Written by: TL on 29/10/2010 11:08:34

Digging around some more in my promo pile, prowling for something else to review tonight, I found Tragedy Of Mariam's self-titled EP, which has been lying there for a while I must admit. No better time than now to get to work on its review though, so I've already spun this three-track offer a couple of times tonight, and here's what I've discovered.

The band is a five-piece from Windsor, Canada, and this EP is their second release, following up their debut album "Smile, Ur Watched", which I admit I haven't heard. Their sound is very much like something you listened to some five years ago, liking it so much that you scoured myspace and purevolume in your search for more, at least if you were a fringe-sporting little emo-teen like me. Okay, so the band calls itself "Rock" on myspace, but I'll let my references - Matchbook Romance, Just Surrender and A Road To Damascus - speak for themselves.

So as you can deduce, we're dealing with lofty emo/pop/rock on this one, complete with angsty lead- and backing-vocals, as well as anthemic beats and soaring guitar-lines. If it sounds heard before, that's because you likely have, but that need not be a bad thing if good songs are brought to the table. In that department, I find that The Tragedy Of Mariam certainly know what kind of elements go into the bigger kinds of songs within this genre. However, I can't help but think that the crucial parts - catchiness, memorability, personality - haven't quite found their way consistently into the mix.

When you consider that this sound is a few years out of the height of its popularity, and that most of its pioneers are now either broken up, have changed sound, or are struggling to stay relevant while growing older and still playing what is essentially young people's music, it's hard to want to really tear into TTOM for having not quite found a winning formular at such a relatively early point in their career, or for wanting to revive a sound that probably equals good memories for many of us. Regardless, conviction and good intent can only bring you so far, talent and charisma must be developed to go all the way.


Download: Bright Lights And New Life
For The Fans Of: Matchbook Romance, Just Surrender, A Road To Damascus

Release Date January 2010

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