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La Peneratica Svavolya

Written by: PP on 27/10/2010 02:53:40

One of the greatest injustices in the music world is how little attention the Polish music scene receives in contrast to the American and British ones, which by default are the ones to follow because of heavy media coverage and a large amount of superb bands in every genre. Poland may not have the mightiest of names within its territory, but by and large all Polish bands that have landed on my review desk in the last six or seven months have been excellent in some way. Maybe it's because many of them own stupid names like Titus Tommy Gunn, the Acid Drinkers frontman whose solo album "La Peneratica Svavolya" is in question here, or just a complete lack of marketing (or belief?) into the capabilities of this scene. Seriously though, be it rock, punk or metal, most bands seem to be very competent in their chosen style.

For Mr. Gunn's band, that style is whisky fueled, high-energy rock and roll with Rebel Meets Rebel styled guitars played with high degree of proficiency. The album contains heavy use of pedals and other guitar effects, but the focus is clearly on badass riffs and grooves that are mostly delivered with maximum speed possible in the context of how technically complex they are. The sound is also very playful, containing lots and lots of tongue-in-cheek melodies and rhythm changes, which in turn allows the record to emit such a lovely breath of fresh air all around. You see, these guys aren't trying to play wrecking hotel rooms type of rock'n'roll, nor the see-through macho type with metal influences either (Volbeat, I'm pointing at you), but instead opt to have fun with their instruments just to see what comes out. This manifests in the form of some unusual melody lines, licks, rolls and rhythmic curiosities while they are experimenting, and my friends, out comes some mad catchy grooves like "The Awakening" or "Vein Calls: Eat".

And what happens when you combine mad catchy with a high dose of energy and great instrumental capability? Pure mood-lifting awesomeness designed to set fire on any BBQ party or a beer-drinking session, and a bunch of fantastic songs that above all show that it is still possible to create something original and innovative in a genre as played and repeated to death as rock'n'roll.

Download: The Awakening, Vein Calls: Eat!
For the fans of: Motörhead, Acid Drinkers, Rebel Meets Rebel
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Release date 19.04.2010
Mystic Production

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