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The Sirens Sound

Written by: DR on 24/10/2010 22:25:53

Another post-rock release, another post-rock band with a four-word name, and, as they are from Hamburg, Germany, another example of just how universal the genres continues to be. This duo consisting of Martin Grimm and Chris Burda already have one EP and two full-lengths to their name, and that experience is apparent here, and it's largely due to it that "The Sirens Sound" is such a strong release.

Although post-rock coventions are clearly maintained, they add something extra with their use of electronica, much in the same vein as God Is An Astronaut. If you're at all a fan of GIAA, you'll be aware of the brand of post-rock they specialise in, at least they did on their self-titled album; it's loud, vivid, and wastes very little time with guitar-based soundscape exploring. CUTE have adopted this, and they do it well. Considering there are only two members, they handle the different aspects and instruments expertly - it's clear they've spent a lot of time working on the different layers, blending them in and making sure they all work seamlessly together.

Opener "The Sirens Sound" is a whopping ten minutes; the first three of which are dark electronica beats, but CUTE don't settle on this for too long. They capitalise on the brooding atmosphere to throw a wall of sound at you. "Grade Separation" defies everything that song suggests this band are with a use of sprightly beats. They are quick to get to those walls of sound, as they are in every song, but here they give it an edge I can only think to describe as sunny. "A Different Complexion" reverts back to their ominous sound of the first song to finish the album off. Like all of the songs, it finishes not with a whimper, but with a bang, and a loud one at that.

What may surprise you ith "The Sirens Sound" is how accessible it is. They waste little time playing with periods of quiet, preferring to get swiftly into the intense crescendo, which succeeds in keeping the listener engaged. Every bit of nous gained from their previous releases has been put to good use here, and hopefully they build on this with future endeavours. Definitely one for those who enjoy the loud-as-fuck crashing of drums and ringing of guitars, but then again, who wouldn't when it's executed like it is here?


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For The Fans of: pg.lost, God Is An Astronaut, If These Trees Could Talk
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Release Date 04.06.2010

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