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Privilege Of Approval EP

Written by: PP on 22/10/2010 00:41:50

Privilege Of Approval are being lumped into a large number of genres in reviews for their self-titled debut EP, including death metal, thrash metal, 'hardcore metal' (whatever that is), and deathcore, but lets get one thing straight. This is textbook metalcore with few deeply growled vocals that may fool some, but as soon as the Swedish styled melodic guitars enter the mix, there's simply no question. I guess they listened to melodeath and metalcore bands in Austria, too, where these guys originate from.

As for the three tracks on the EP, intro and outro excluded, the terms 'amateurish' and 'standard' pop into mind at almost every occasion. Amateurish, because the production is what it is, a self-financed garage production that leaves the mixing a little odd and guitars far too rough around the edges in a genre where tight mechanics are the norm. Standard, because even though Privilege of Approval aren't outright bad, they aren't fantastic either. They obviously know how to write tapped melodic lead riffs and how to slow down the tempo to a crawl during the many breakdowns on the record, but the 'wow' factor is entirely missing. Whether that's due to a lack of memorable chorus or that we've heard these sorts of riffs many times before is up for debate, but it's a telling factor when the band doesn't really sound like anyone in particular, just an amalgation of an entire cloud of bands from the heavier end of the metalcore spectrum. Now, the slightly negative tone of this review aside, there's really nothing wrong with their songs. They merely lack the punch, and the songwriting to make them sound more than just your average, generic metalcore band.


Download: One Day Left, Huibu
For the fans of: Metalcore and 'melodic' deathcore
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Release date February 2010

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