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Angrepp translates from Swedish into 'assault', and the name of their debut album is "Warfare". Yeah, it's not exactly difficult to guess the topics and themes these Stockholm boys explore, but as we all know thrash metal shares a lot in common with punk rock: originality is often frowned upon in favor of a trusted and safe formula. Not that it's a bad thing, no need to fix what isn't broken. In this particular case, the songs are a nice mix of blackened thrash, Discharge-era punk, and rock'n'roll. Speedy, relentless music that makes no apologies for its blatant lack of originality, it just delivers the goods on time just like FedEx. I wouldn't trust DHL always though.

The music on "Warfare" is heavily influenced by the likes of Discharge and Darkthrone, but without the fear of sounding like a derivative band by any means. Toxic Holocaust fans, on the other hand, should be happy to delve straight into the ripping lead riff of "Five Horned Formation", or any of the other razor sharp guitars found on, indeed, any track on offer. The outfit is lead by one of the more competent thrash vocalists I've heard as of late, combining a nicely decipherable death metal grunt with a typical black metal vocalist to sound sufficiently scatching. It all sounds very Swedish, and it all sounds very much like it came from Stockholm. And if there's one thing our neighbors know how to do in metal, it's to add melody into otherwise brutal music. "Dead And Destroyed" has a nice melody line taking the lead, a feat followed up nicely by "Fiend" a few tracks later. This is the area that I feel Angrepp should look more into, and preferably specialize if it was up to me. It's here where you'll find the most memorable material that have the potential of propeling them from merely being a Stockholm band to being one recognized in all of Sweden, and why not in surrounding countries as well. That is, if they're able to replicate the melodic ideas used here for an album's worth of songs. One punked up thrash-n-roll riff and grating vocal work is all it takes per song to make it very good. As for now, "Warfare" has a couple of these gems, whilst rest are safely in traditional thrash metal territory, and therefore by default, rather decent and enjoyable cuts. But more melody is needed to really stick out from the crowd.

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Release date 01.06.2010
Abyss Recods

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