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The Golden Age

Written by: PP on 12/10/2010 17:36:20

From the Kid Dynamite school of melodic hardcore we have Go Rydell from Orlando, Florida, who formed the band in 2009 with the intention to play music that they grew up listening to. That shows, considering how closely the fifteen minutes and ten tracks of "The Golden Age" mimic bands like Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Paint It Black, Shook Ones and many other top notch names in the melodic hardcore genre. While such an approach to songwriting can easily lead into evil tongues calling the band a mere clone act, it can also mean that the songs are faithful tributes to the best genre in music.

Luckily, the latter is the case for "The Golden Age", mostly because the members' passion for the genre drips and oozes through the music 100% of the time. The pedal is floored at the start of the record and kept there for the remainder of the time, while the guitars fire awesome melodic hooks and bright riffs to keep the circle pits moving. Basic Lifetime / Shook Ones format, in other words. The vocals, on the other hand, borrow heavily from the hardcore roots of the genre, leaning towards the scream-ey and fiery delivery of dudes from Paint It Black and Kid Dynamite. The contrast of the bright/harsh creates a high-energy environment in which Go Rydell thrive; it's not necessarily the sing alongs that drive this record forward, but rather it's fiery attitude and relentless speed. The latter is only it's only shortcoming, as fifteen minutes race by the listener quicker than you'd imagine, and you're left wanting for more. Much more, in fact. Great stuff if you're into melodic hardcore.

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For the fans of: Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Paint It Black, Shook Ones
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Release date 24.08.2010
Black Numbers

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