Beat/Wait (Double A-Side)

Written by: DR on 07/10/2010 17:29:25

"Advantage are starting a party in your ears and you're all invited! Coming from a city as dark and as damp as Wolverhampton in the UK yet still somehow managing to conjure up the energy required for a shindig is, by no stretch of the imagination, an easy feat. Advantage make it seem like it is without even breaking proverbial sweat here." is how I opened my review of Advantage's "Future Echoes EP". Some months later, they are back, and no new introduction to I could write would be more befitting than that one. This time around, they have just the two tracks for us in what they are calling the "Beat/Wait (Double A-Side)", with each song showing a different side to the band.

First up we have "The Beat (Get Up!)" - a fairly generic song name, but that's where all ordinariness (real word, I checked) ends. Ordinary implies boring, and this song is from boring. Although the song has fairly strong chorus, the whole appeal of it is the chemistry between Sam (superbone), Willis (horn) and the rest of the band. After the first few seconds and a rather aggressive intro you'll be preparing to mosh, but then they throw the horn section at you and you'll be gearing up to dance. It's mental, absolutely, but fuck, does it work. "Wait, Is This Love?" is the second/final song. At first it comes across as a b-side; it's a departure from "dancefloor punk" - it's slower, there's no aggression whatsoever, and it gives a chance for the vocalist Cookie (I'm not sure if that's his real name) and lyrically it's more simple, thus giving off a more rock/pop vibe. It takes longer to get used to, and it's not as strong as the previous track, but after a few listens it starts to reveal itself as thoroughly decent enough song. It at least shows Advantage have versatility in their locker.

Dancefloor punk, brass rock, ska pop, call it what you will - each of those tags and probably a few more could be aptly applied to Advantage, but the fact is the boys from Wolves continue to impress, and have such fun whilst doing so. They are full of youthful energy, take on an optimistic outlook and, most importantly, have musical talent and therefore exciting potential.

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For The Fans of: Reel Big Fish, rock with awesome horn-parts, upbeat music that makes you dance
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Release Date 02.05.2010
Cash For Pigs Records

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