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Live In: Nerd Rage

Written by: ASH on 21/07/2006 13:52:40

With all staff back from Roskilde, life is slowly returning to the same ol' routine and we've got even more albums to review. But it seems that we don't necessarily have to review music all the time, which is something different to me, but heck, here's a little special something to you. I give you: "Brian Posehn - Live In: Nerd Rage"

Were you once the geeky kid, who could only get a little relief by picking on "Special Ed" back in 10th grade, until he flipped out and beat the shit out of you with his "Space 1999" lunchbox? If so, you've been in the same shoes as the hilarious comedian/parodist Brian Posehn, who has recently released his newest comedy album filled with loads of spoofs, pranks and sexed up jokes. His extremely explicit use of the fine American tongue on seventeen of the twenty tracks long album, really shows that this guy can say what he want without censoring himself. Posehn appeals to a broad audience, whether you're a geek, a metal fan, a fancy rock reviewer, manager of the ultimate "Star Wars" fan community...even The Black Eyed Peas! The list is too long and his comedy gives a great laugh. You have to be seriously depressed not to like him.

In all aspects, most of the tracks on Posehn's album are like small chunks of laid-back, enjoyable jokes and spoofs, which can be listened to over and over again. Listen to it, forget it for a week and then listen to it again...It's a vicious circle of comedy and it's great.

Even though some parts of the album make you think "Yeah... whatever", Posehn's humor is a great escape from the serious world, giving the listener a chance to just sit back and have some mindless fun laughing at weird, geeky rage comedey, so when it is released, buy it! If you already have it...then great. Just remember, the crazy homeless guy, walking down the street, pants full of poo, fighting a ghost, he might actually be right...

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For the fans of: Dave Chapelle, Nerd Humor, Metal and so on.
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Release date 21.08.2006
Relapse Records
Provided by Target ApS

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