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Work Tapes

Written by: PP on 29/09/2010 22:00:10

Thinking Machines. One of the great research questions of modern mankind, how to create an artificial intelligence capable of operating just like a human, without any interference or guidance from an organic being. Tremendous amounts of money is spent yearly on experimenting on the topic, resulting in all sorts of wild and curious prototypes each more spectacularly stranger than the one before. Given the degree of experimentation found on "Work Tapes", it's only fitting that Thinking Machines have chosen it as their name, as it gives the listener an idea of what to expect on their full length.

You see, there are passages from original post-hardcore, mathy post-rock guitars, lo-fi indie rock moods, even sections typical to many post-punk bands to be discovered on the record. But despite a large number of ingredients present in the genre cocktail, Thinking Machines are able to tie things together through the use of subtle layers of melody. A purposefully lo-fi production leaves the guitars ringing just melodically enough to hook the listener in, and the vocals in a distorted state, adding character and flair to their delivery. A track like "False" displays how this combines into enormous potential, featuring a back-chilling chorus that sounds despaired and optimistic simultaneously thanks to coarse and gruff vocals. Again, the arrangement tinkers with just enough melody to make it sound special, whether it's due to gentle strums of the lead guitar or the patchy bass supplying texture to the sound.

Other such examples are scattered all over "Work Tapes", they'll just take a few moments longer to discover, because like I mentioned earlier, these guys really like to experiment with their sound, especially with sounds and ideas like feedback or 'controlled chaos'. That's also why it's so difficult to find notable bands to compare them to, because there simply aren't that many around. Very original and refreshing sound, that requires plenty of active listening sessions before opening up.


Download: False, Loop, Timing
For the fans of: The Dismemberment Plan, Disappears, Helen Earth Band
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Release date 06.04.2010

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